Choose a yachting shoot and how it works


Where can I find your boat? MarineDigiPics.Com can be seen afloat with our signature white flagged Blue Hulled motor boat. We can often be hailed when we are afloat and will gladly carry out an impromptu photoshoot. Our crew are alert to a thumbs up or a wave. 


CONTACT! Our crew may initiate contact but will not inconvenience or interrupt your boating. Please feel free to call us on the boat phone 07961296023 to plan the shooting.


Our skipper is highly experienced and will not endanger your vessel or crew, keeping wash to a minimum and avoiding collision risk.


What at does the client crew need to do during a shoot?


Answer is Just Enjoy the experience sail naturally! Indeed, Unless agreed otherwise, please sail a steady course during a shoot and attend to navigation priorities in the normal way. The photo boat is very powerful and can out-manouvere most boats.


Photo Shoots Can Be Either:


Impromptu by hailing a photoboat


Pre-Booked and planned


We will provide the proofs to you on receipt of a contact email from you. 


Proofs can can be viewed without an obligation to purchase.


Not all proofs are uploaded to our site.


Clients can order between one and twenty five images depending on light and sea conditions.


Give some thought to what end product you want images for a classic framed print are not suitable for a canvas in most cases.


Not all adhoc shoots are successful compared to a pre booked shoot. 


Light and and sea conditions have a big impact on the final quality of our work.


Pre- Booked Photoshoots

Clients will agree a rendezvous. Our team will agree what the desired images are aimed to be and what is possible on the day. 

Costs start at £235 including at least 10 HD images by email.


Enhancment of images

It is often necessary to enhance images for lighting reasons or if the background is disappointing. Our team will contact you to suggest treatment and quote for this work.

examples of enhancement:

- Remove hull marine fouling

- Create contemporary tones suitable for Canvas print.

- Remove a towed dinghey

- Lighten seawater tone 


Cost to enhance an image typically £20





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